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i bought online one of their meerschaum pipe. a reverse calabash very big and extremely bent fantastic smoke and incredibly efficient pipe. Talking about the aestetic i found it very

Francesco Lafrate / ITALY

Beautiful pipes! Said is a very professional and very kind person. I highly reccomend buying from the Altinay Store

Dario Pietro Barbarelli / ITALY

Good afternoon! We have received the pipes! We are happy with the fast delivery and good quality. Thank you very much for all support!

Anna Victoria Gorman / RUSSIA

Goede levering, zeer tevreden mooie prijs kwaliteit

Bonnie Arthur Vermaesen / NETHERLANDS

Amazing craftsmanship and smoking great!

Dmitriy Semenishchev / UKRAINE

Nabízí velmi krasné dýmky.

Václav Novotný / CZECH REPUBLIC

1st class customer service as well as 1st class craftsmanship! Can't recommend highly enough!

Andrew Haynes / SCOTLAND

Hi Said,

I received the pipe yesterday and it is fantastic.  I love it.
Thank you so very much,
Dan Levitt / USA

Great pipes, excellent service.. I've bought my first meerschaum pipe from Altınay and really enjoyed it. Highly recommended !!

Derya Aras Aksoy / TURKEY

Sorry, i see it has been for the 4th time i have received great professional service.

Cornelis van Schalkwyk / SOUTH AFRICA

Thank you once again, 3rd time, Said for the great service, it is highly appreciated for the excellent quality products.


Cornelis van Schalkwyk / SOUTH AFRICA

Hey Said My second pipe arrived today a real masterpiece. Have already smoked her and she smokes great. It is certainly not my last pipe that I buy from you.



Paul Schreurs / BELGIUM

These are true masterpieces of Turkish craftsmanship.*****!
Hopefully they will survive our time and current mentality of getting everything for (nearly) nothing.
After having bought a wooden pipe here in Cologne I had read so much of “Meerschaum” pipes and their often described high quality that I was curious if that were actually true.
And after smoking it the only thing I can say it does not even compare to other materials.
Full and absolutely unchanged taste of your tobacco is the wonderful result.
Customer service is also excellent; my many questions were answered fast and detailed in a very personal way per email and also Whats App!:-)
Definitely not my last purchase.
Highly recommended original manufacturer in Turkey who deserves your trust.
Lightning speed delivery!
Thank you!

Wolfgang Gillo / GERMANY

Ülkemizde çıkarılan lüle taşı madeninin kalitesinden hep bahsedilir , ancak bir çok Türk pipo tiryakisinin ortak şikayeti memleketimizde üretilen lüle taşı pipoların işçiliklerindeki özellikle ağazlık kısımlarlarıdaki sıkıntılardır. Geçtiğimiz günlerde Altınay pipo dan üç adet spigot pipo satın aldım gerçektende işçilikleri görünümleri ve sağlamlıklarının harika olduğunu düşünüyorm.Gören arkadaşlarım da kesinlikle hayran kalıyorlar , Firma kolleksiyona yönelik modellerin yanında gündelik hayatta da rahatlıkla kullanılabilecek daha sade modeller konusunda bir çok seçenek sunuyor bu gerçektende çok iyi.Özellikle bent spigot modellerine hayranım.

Ali Akalın / TÜRKİYE

I am a beginner pipe smoker, and I knew nothing about pipe smoking, pipes, and meerschaum pipes.
I got every information and help in this place.

Present days absolutely unbelievable that somewhere somebody makes great things by hand:) The world is running. But when I see these pipes, the hand made beauties, I am not interested in Running World. Just my pipe, and smoke…
My Altinay Meerschaum pipe:)

Gabor Berkes / HUNGARY

I cannot believe my pipe arrived from Turkey to Finland in 28 hours from shipping! This little pipe with a small bowl is just what I was looking for. I must have looked through 200+ meerschaum pipes before finding one that was small enough. And the prize was amazing because of the small size! The pipe smokes great and I am sure I will keep on using this every day. No more resting briar pipes!

Matias Ikkala / FINLAND

Great consultancy at the stage of selecting your piece. They know the visuals can be misleading, so, in order to avoid unintended orders or dissatisfaction, they frankly provide you information about your choice, in case of e-mail communication in advance. Very responsive for questions .Before and after ordering, they inform you about every single step. I live out of Turkey and have my pipe delivered to my brother in Istanbul and the delivery took place in less than 18 hours! Once I try the pipe, I will write more detailed comments.

Alper Özmert / TÜRKİYE

Another fine Meerschaum from Altinay, I cannot recommend them enough. Great pipes that colour very well and consistent, very fast postage - three days from Turkey from ordering to arrival . And Said answers your emails with additional pictures or measurements within minutes. Great company to deal with.

Chris Gilmore / UK

Excellent photography
Excellent product
just what you pictured.
Excellent smoking
Excellent service
Excellent and timely communication.
I will recommend you highly.

Richard Brevetta / USA

The Meerschaumpipe is wonderful, a high quality product that smokes great. Fastetst delivery ever seen, only 2 working days from Turkey to Italy. Compliments!

Ulrich Monauni / ITALY

I would like to say thank you Said Altinay for your exceptional service and patience. The delivery was also impressive with a very quick and reliable door to door delivery arranged by Said all the way to South Africa.
Thank you once again. Regards

Cornelis van Schalkwyk / SOUTH AFRICA

I wish I had this pipe 15 years ago when I started smoking pipes.. It is so comfortable, light weight, well balanced..exceptional work.. and there is absolutely no additonal taste.. worths every penny..
Special thanks for the quick delivery and for the informations.

Norbert Orsos / HUNGARY

Hello Said,

The pipe is absolutely beautiful. It is perfect down to every last detail. I am so excited to give my friend this incredible gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!! Thank you for your kindness and customer service. You excelled in every way. You truly exceeded all expectations.


Derek Dellinger / USA

Dear Said Altinay,

thank you very much for your super quick answer in the middle of the night, it was a big surprise to receive your answer so soon!!! My biggest respect for you for your positive attitude to the business. I have already received the e-mail, that my order is already packed. BIG RESPECT, THANK YOU!!!

Have a nice evening!

Sincerely yours

Istvan Lukovics / HUNGARY

Dear Said,
this wonderful pipe already arrived today.
Thank you very much for kind support and very quick service. I’m sure my father will enjoy his birthday present.
If anything unexpected happens to the payment, please send a message.
Best regards,

Peter Konrad / GERMANY

Ordered an Apple-styled Meerschaum pipe and got it within 3 days (Switzerland). This pipe is amazing. It looks great and the craftsmanship is perfect! This pipe smokes very equably from the beginning to the end. It also comes with an nice fitting transport case. Very recommended. Thank you for this great pipe. Roman, Switzerland


I have received pipes today and they are great. I have bought around 80 meerschaum pipes over the years (I even came to visit Eskisekir once) and I must say that you make the best classic shapes. This billiard is perfect I don't think I ever saw billiard made from meer this good.
I also like how thin the bit of the mouthpiece is.

Thanks again for a great customer service, I'll be buying from you again for sure!!!

Grega Sajn / SLOVENIA

I received order # 22189 in November 2018 and I am very happy with this pipe!
It’s my second Altinay pipe and they are both beautiful and give a terrific smoke.
I will be sure to buy another very soon.
Thank you for a fine product.

Norman Cooper / USA

Quality product, respnsive and helpful staff, quick delivery. Definitely will revisit if I needed a meer pipe again and happy to refer it to friends.

Billy Tung / HONG KONG

Ich rauche seit 30 Jahr Meerschaumpfeifen; Altinay Pfeifen zählen für mich zu den besten.
Preis, Rauchen und Verarbeitung. SUPER.

Hans Jürgen Vog / GERMANY

I purchased one exquisite meerschaum Pipe some time ago and I am very pleased with it. TOP Pipe. Very fast handeling and shipping. Te Postalservice is lightningFAST by DHL.I received the Pipe four days after order it. That is FAST! State of the art and I will bee back again to by anoter one. ThankYouVeryMuch***** Best Regards

Leif Erik Andersen / NORWAY

Got myself a great looking Altinay’s bent bulldog meerschaum pipe. After a couple of months with the pipe, my comment is that this is a great piece, well built and high quality pipe. Smoke fantastic!!! My go to pipe for trying out new blends. Business transaction wise was easy and fast shipping by folks at Altinay’s pipe. Would definitely come back for more whenever budget allows.

Wilson Tan / MALAYSIA

Very fast postage (3 days !), pleasant to deal with. Delivered a great pipe, as described- superb craftsmanship, great looking meesrschaum with an excellent finish. Highly recommended and look forward to buying from again.
Thanks for a great and trustworthy buying experience.

Chris Gilmore / UK

I just ordered my very first Meerschaum-pipe from Altinay and i am more than pleased!
Quick and secure delivery and very polite communication!
The quality and smoking experience is excellent…i highly recommend every passionate pipe-smoker to try out a Meerschaum pipe.
My Thank you to Mr. Altinay and his team.

best regards

De Han Kim / GERMANY

Hi Said,

I ordered again some of your pipes for three other friends who really liked the pipes when they saw it.

Unfortunately, the new package is stuck at the customs in Leipzig again. So, I need the order confirmation with the values you put on the paperwork by email – like last time, that worked pretty well.

Thank you very much in advance and kind regards

Thomas Khamann / GERMANY

Dear Said,

As you surely already noticed, the pipes already arrived.

They are really great and look very nice – especially the two skulls.

Thank you very much for the excellent customer service and the tampers!

All the best

Thomas Khamann / GERMANY

Very good seller, very fast shipping (within 1 day to Italy), very good choice of pipes and very beautiful models, and the prices are very cheap!

Luca Giannatiempo / ITALY

Beautiful, high quality pipe, great taste, plus express shipping! What to say? -I'm 100% satisfied!

Krzysztof Przybyszewski / POLAND

Perfect service! The pipe is a small jewel of art !!! I strongly recommend!!!

Todor Stoyanov / BULGARIA

thanks said, the custom taxed me for 30%. thanks to you, that's only 9 dollars for three pipes instead of 90. Im very satisfied with the pipes, hope to purchase from you again soon.

Ren Zhenghe / CHINA

I am very happy! The pipe is just fantastic and delivering has been just perfect. I will buy more in the future.
Thanks again from Florence, Italy

Giacomo Roati / ITALY

Thank you so much for a beautiful well carved pipe it arrived today with DHL.


Kevin Davies / UK

Just a note to say the pipe has arrived safely. It is lovely, and beautifully made.

I have purchased from you before and the speed of your service is always astonishing.

Thank you for offering these beautiful, masterfully crafted pipes.

Best regards,


Brian Appelt / USA

I just tried my first very new Meerschaum Pipe - and Said,... this pipe is amazing!
Thank you for this great pipe and your very good craftsmanship! It looks and smokes amazing!!!


It is my second meerschaum pipe. What can I say?
It smokes like heaven and it is truly a wonderful and well handcrafted masterpiece.
Thanks to Altinay!!!

Ralf Steinbart / GERMANY

Ich habe bisher 3 Pfeifen bestellt. Alles Top Qualität und am nächsten Tag kostenfrei geliefert. Das ist schneller als eine Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands. Vielen Dank. Ich kann Altinay uneingeschränkt empfehlen. ***** 5 Sterne.

Christof Ender / GERMANY

Excellent quick service. Just had my first smoke, the pipe is working fine.
For sure, I'll order again.
Thank you for the beautiful pipe.

Sebastian Humpert / SWITZERLAND

Very good seller, shipping is ultra fast! i have already bought 3 pipes and 2 tampers from altinay and for sure i will buy again!pipes are very good and even some friends want to buy something. Always very available with customer and fast reply!Suggested!

Luca Giannatiempo / ITALY

Great, great, great!!! I ordered a pipe 26th of decembre 2016, and it arrived two days later! Excellent Quality, super fast delivering. Thank you very much, good job

Alexander Bierstedt / GERMANY

Amazing customer service, extremely fast shipping and in my opinion best classical shaped meerschaum pipes on the market.

Grega Sajn / SLOVENIA

I got my first Altinay pipe today, 3 days after making the purchase, beautiful pipe, perfectly finished, it smokes extraordinarily well from the beginning. Great piece of craftsmanship. Thanks!

Miguel Loran / SPAIN

The quality of the pipes and the perfection of the workmanship together make perfect works. The variety of the pipes coming out and the interest shown to the customers are very nice. thank you altınay meerschaum pipes

Emran Yaman / TÜRKİYE

Love for the art and talent shows through in craftsmanship, there are no other words required!

Scott A. Gaston / USA

Beautiful pipes and fantastic service.

Ron Genereux / CANADA

A very happy day for me when I discovered this site. Just exactly the product I was looking for...a cigarette pipe! Outstanding customer service too! Thank you Said! So good was my experience that I ordered another I may order more as gifts.

Michael Blair / USA

Very fast delivery, tracked all the way. Helpful and pleasant to talk to, the pipe was exactly as described- great craftsmanship, meerschaum was high quality and very good value for money. Very highly recommended for a great pipe, will definitely buy from again !

Chris Gilmore / UK

high quality pipe, easy to communicate, and worldwide free shipping. that's what I call premium service.

Marcos Ren / SPAIN

I have just received my third and fourth Altinay pipes, they are beautiful, I can only recommend Altinay for top quality meerschaum. The pipes only improve with time. Thanks mr Altinay and family.

Miguel Loran / SPAIN

I recived a extraordinary pipe and it smoke perfectly. Customer service and shipping are at the level of a fantastic hand made meerschaum.

Thanks Altinay

Daniele Campari / ITALY

Great pipes, excellent service.. I've bought my first meerschaum pipe from Altınay and really enjoyed it. Highly recommended !!

Deniz Aksoy / TÜRKİYE

Altinay Meerschaum Pipes are of the highest quality. Fast shipping a very good to do business with! RECOMMENDED!

Dean Eric Rice / USA

Received the pipe today in great shape.  Very nicely made and smokes well.  Thank you!!

Dan Cimbora / USA

Dear Said,

the pipes just arrived. Thanks a lot for your help with customs!

I must say I am really impressed by the art of S. Yanik. Greetings to him! I truly enjoy his fine handmade artwork! So beautiful...

All the best from Mannheim...

Olaf Kittel / GERMANY
Hi Said,
Just got the pipe, it is lovely,
i could not be more pleased.
Thank you very much!
Victor Carayorgopol / USA

Great service. Great pipe...

Ozan Taylan / TURKEY

I just bought my first meerschaum pipe from Altinay.

Great design and craftmanship, fair priced and quick delivery.

What can I say more?

Michiel Roberti / NETHERLANDS

Thank you so much for the quick service. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Thank you

Tony Gutierrez / CANADA

Exellent pipe and service ,100% satisfied ,exellent experience.

John Douglas / USA

I received my pipe, it is exactly as described and a true work of art.


Jack Hardy / USA

A real work of art I can not wait to smoke them.
What a service has arrived here in 48 hours.
Thank you

Paul Schreurs / BELGIUM

Extremely impressed so far with this Meer. Definitely go check out Altinay Pipes if you are looking at new Meers!

Andrew Cirigliano / USA

The high quality of the sciuma di mare is combined with an artistic taste that gives emotions!

Vincenzo Saporito / ITALY

I have been smoking my first Altinay for about three weeks and I am very happy. The pipe is very beautiful, smokes fantastically and is starting to develop a very beautiful patina. Shipping and attention have been very good (order placed on Friday and pipe at home on Monday, from Turkey to Spain).

Ricardo Espantaleon / SPAIN

I received the pipes yesterday. They are beautiful, and I look forward to smoking them for some time. Also, thank you for changing one of the pipes to a 9mm system and for the "little gift" of a cigarette holder.
Peace and goodness always,
Ken Smyrk

Ken Smyrk / USA

I got my first pipe today, and this is a great piece of art.
I will drink tobacco smoke from it with pleasure!
Very grateful to Said for help in the shipment arrangements.
Thank you very much!

Vladislav Lanin / RUSSIA

Very nicely made. Pipe made it to the east coast in three days. I am happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Paul Campanella / USA

La pipa è già arrivata.
Grazie, bellissima.
Complimenti per la professionalità ed efficienza.
Quando avrò desiderio di una nuova meerschaum, non esiterò a contattarla di nuovo.

Fabio Guidotti / ITALY

Thank you. Another fine pipe in my rack .Smokes great,looks and feels great. I can see the meerschaum is grade A  quality,and the stems,well I'm partial to orange/yellow because thats what l grew up with.

Thank you for making these wonderful products available.

John Douglas / USA

My order was shipped extremely fast and I'm real happy with my purchase. Will definitely buy from Altinay again.

Eric Haar / USA

Dear Mr. Altinay,

Have A Good Day,

Kindly note that i confirm receiving the order item, and i want to take the chance to thank you for the great quality and the luxury you gave us through smoking your pipes, it was very professional dealing with your esteemed company,

Best Regards

Zahi El Khatib / LEBANON

I ordered last friday, I got it today afternoon...
Excellent service, great pipe. Thank You all!
I wish You had more and more customer!
I think I will

Csaba Németh / HUNGARY

Great meerschaum pipes

Paul Schreurs / BELGIUM

Just received my pipe extremly fast service. Beautiful pipe can't wait to try it

Ron Genereux / CANADA

Super pipes!!!

Victor Aleksandrovich / RUSSIA
Jimmy M Puckett / USA
Adam Molnar / HUNGARY
Ümit Ünlü / TURKEY
Görkem Baysal / TURKEY
Gary Strac / USA
Tuğçe Ardıç / TURKEY
Benny Tsoi


What is Meerschaum?

Meerschaum, called ‘sepiolit’ (resembling the bones of squid called ‘sepio’) in the scientific world, is a kind of clay mineral formed as a result of the union of magnesium and hydro silicate. It is found as single pieces at different depths in the ground, reaching as deep as 380 meters in Eskisehir.
Structure of the meerschaum
Irregular crystals, bound to each other, form a microscopic spongy structure. Meerschaum is soft and wet when it is mined because of the water (zeolitic water) content in the structure. This structure allows it to be crafted easily and aesthetically. Through a drying process, the pieces gradually become light and resistant and take on a highly absorbent characteristic in relation to liquids and gases. Meerschaum dries without shrinkage, and regains its soft texture when it is immersed in water.

Meerschaum for Ages 

Eskisehir has been an important settlement for at least ten thousand years with its natural affluence and privileges. Legends retold around the world were born within its borders. The discovery of meerschaum is described by a traditional legend, ‘The Mole Legend’ (Köstebek Efsanesi). Despite this, a piece of meerschaum, unearthed from excavations conducted in the Eskisehir-Demircihöyük region under the supervision of Professor Manfred ‘Osman’ Korfmann, proved that meerschaum or similar stone had already been known and had been crafted by people 5000 years ago, during the Early Bronze Age. The floors of the kurgan king tombs in Kuban Valley, dating back 4000  years,were decorated with meerschaum brought from Asia-Minor (Eskişehir).

A sculpted but incomplete ‘meerschaum stamp’ has recently been unearthed in recovery excavations in the Eskisehir Cavlum Necropolis area by representatives of Anadolu University and the Eskisehir Archaeology Museum under the supervision of Assist. Prof. A. Nejat Bilgen. The tomb, in which the stamp was well preserved, probably belonged to an eight-year old girl, and has been dated back 3700 years to the Early Hittite period.

al haravi travel book

The Earliest Reference to Meerschaum

The earliest reference to meerschaum in written sources is found in a travel book, written in the XII century. When Eskisehir was a frontier ‘principality’ and a trade centre under the domination of the Turks, ‘Al-Haravi’ an Arabic traveller, visited the city in 1173, and wrote about Eskisehir in his travel book. He mentions the healing thermal waters and meerschaum; however, he does not give any information about who used meerschaum or for what purpose. Turfan texts

The period, in which Al-Haravi wrote his travel book, covering the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries was the most glorious period of the Uigurs in Central Asia. The texts of thousands of sermons and counsels belonging to their religion, Buddhism, were translated into Uigur Turkish from Sanskrit and printed using wooden block lettering in Turfan, a city on The Silk Road Formulae for medicines prepared with thinly ground meerschaum are given in these texts, called Turfan Texts. We learn one of the uses of meerschaum, formerly only mentioned by Al-Haravi, during this period from these texts. Eskisehir wants to be known as one of the first export centres of Anatolia, thanks to this valuable mineral, from the Caucasus to India and Central Asia for at least 800 years.

The Most Perfect Pipe Material in the World Meerschaum

wedding of Princess Louise with the Marquess of Lorne, at Windsor St. Georges chape

Tobacco, originating from the African continent, spread through Anatolia, Asia and Australia from there. The plant was widely-used by shamans for medicinal purposes. It was carried to the nameless new continent from Northern Asia by the ancestors of Native Americans.

antique meerschaum pipe

Tobacco was carried back to Europe, in the early XVI century thanks to Christopher Columbus. The rapid growth of tobacco consumption in Portugal and Spain caused a tobacco pipe industry to emerge. As a result of this, research into new pipe material increased. Found only in Eskisehir, with its clean white texture and its ease and lightness of use, meerschaum is the perfect pipe material all around the world. Those who used this precious stone in Europe to make the first pipes came to the Ottoman lands most probably already knowing of its value. Having earned much more than they had hoped, they opened numerous meerschaum pipe workshops in different cities around Europe; in particular, in Vienna.

antique meerschaum pipe

antique meerschaum pipe

This stone’s original Turkish name, ‘Deniz Köpüğü’, was translated into different languages with the same meaning, such as ‘Halos Hachne’ in Greek, ‘Spuma Maris’ in Latin, ‘Schiuma di Mare’ in Italian and ‘Echume de Mer’ in French. The most common translation, ‘Meerschaum’ however, was prefered and widely used, Another description of the material, ‘Die Weisse Göttin’ (The White Goddess-Aphrodite),is a clear sign of the value placed on meerschaum.

The tobacco smoking habit is known to have spread around Ottoman society since 1600. The use of Eskisehir stone in the production of pipes started during the same period Clay pipes were replaced by meerschaum pipes. Many of the janissaries smoked elegant Turkish tobacco through meerschaum pipes at the gates of Vienna in 1683. However, due to increased demand, the export of raw meerschaum commenced.
A Mine Even the Dust of Which is not Wasted!
The stone was so valuable that its off cuts were also used as a base in briar pipes. As a result of various research meerschaum was found to be a valuable raw material in the production of 
ceramics, paint and paper. However, its use in the space industry is a myth derived from the pipe interest American non-commissioned officer working for NASA who wanted some raw meerschaum from acquaintances in Eskisehir.
Thousands of mine shafts were dug in three main reserve areas around Eskişehir, Nemli Yakaboyu and Karatepe, in order to respond to intensive foreign demand for meerschaum since the eighteenth century. Sometimes, 100 meter-deep wells were manually dug to reach meerschaum in difficult layers formed by limestone.

Meerschaum Mine

When the meerschaum layers (yolak) are reached, large galleries are opened in accordance with the size of the reserve to extract the stone, All this work is done under candle or carbide light. If the
meerschaum layer is below the water table, puddles that appear need to be continuously drained away.
New Jobs, New Settlements…
More than 10,000 workers were brought from other cities for the heavy work involved in the meerschaum mines, where there was no mechanical equipment. This influx of population caused town-size settlements to appear around the meerschaum areas. The workshops, built in the city centre, were places where the meerschaum was prepared and crafted before export. At first, the surface of the stone was cleaned by sculpting with special hammers, and any faulty areas worked. Then the surface of the stone was smoothed, and then dried in clay ovens (tendours). The dried stones were then polished with wax felt and carefully parcelled for export. After lengthy evaluation and numerous applications, legislation concerning the meerschaum trade was completed in the 1970s. As a result of the regulations, the export of meerschaum as a raw stone was prohibited. Consequently, the process of preparation described above became obselete. Today, the mining and operating processes are guite different. Specialised electrical machinery, atmospheric pressure devices and pumping equipment are now used. Meerschaum is mostly cleaned in the mine shafts, thereby reaching craftsmen without losing its natural moisture content.

ilk lületaşı ustası ali osman deniz köpüğü Professional meerschaum pipe manufacture was started after the founding of the Republic. Ali Osman Denizköpüğü(1897-1961) opened a workshop in the city centre and had meerschaum mentioned, together with Eskisehir, at both domestic and international fairs. Besides this, he trained many young meerschaum pipe craftsmen.

Meerschaum was also worn as jewellery by women. Off cuts of meerschaum were made into beads of different sizes in the women’s spare time using hand lathes called ‘kemane’ or ‘çıkrık’ in Turkish and sold as necklaces. Raw meerschaum was an invaluable income source for Eskisehir in the 1800s. Meerschaum-based trade experienced its golden years through pipe production in the century that followed. Many world famous European and American pipe producers competed with each other to cooperate with the pipe producers of Eskisehir. However, the political and economic conflicts of the last two decades of the twentieth century decreased the popularity of meerschaum.
The difficult production of meerschaum requires effort from mine shaft to presentation box. Effort alone is not enough; it requires strong intuition underground various styling in workshops and also requires developing experience, patience, talent and enthusiasm. Meerschaum is delicate but leasing; it can be easily sculpted. However an extra knife stroke may turn all the hard work into nothing. For this reason, the craftsman, who transmits his feelings into the carving becoming a skilled craftsman, can only achieve this with the help of his master.

Meerschaum Bamboo Poker Pipe

Meerschaum is the most perfect pipe material in the world, and the most unique and original art and decoration material. It is the only material of value to replace ‘ivory processing’ which is based on hunting and prohibited throughout the world. Having large, and as yet undiscovered, meerschaum reserves underground, Eskişehir is preparing to carry this elegant stone to new heights, as a material for art and culture, in keeping with its character. Now is the time of meerschaum.

Lületaşı Nedir?
Bilim dünyasında ‘sepiyolit’ (‘sepio’ adı verilen kalamar kemiklerine benzedeği için) lületaşı, magnezyum ve hidro-silikatın birleşmesi sonucu oluşan bir tür kil mineralidir. Eskişehir’de yerin 380 metreye ulaşan farklı derinliklerinde tek parçalar halinde bulunur.
Birbirine bağlı düzensiz kristallerden oluşan lületaşı, mikroskobik süngerimsi bir yapıdadır. Ayrıca yapısındaki su (zeolitik su) içeriği nedeniyle çıkarıldığında yumuşak ve ıslaktır. Bu yapı, kolay ve estetik olarak işlenebilmesini sağlar. Blok nemini kaybettiğinde-kurutulduğunda parçalar hafif ve dirençli hale gelirken sıvılar ve gazlar konusunda oldukça emici bir özellik kazanır. Lületaşı büzülmeden kurur ve suda bekletildiğinde yumuşak dokusuna geri döner.
Tarihte Lületaşı
Eskişehir doğal zenginlikleri ve ayrıcalıkları ile en az on bin yıldır önemli bir yerleşim yeri olmuştur.
Lületaşı’nın keşfi geleneksel bir efsane olan “Köstebek Efsanesi” ile anlatılmaktadır. Buna rağmen, Profesör Manfred ‘Osman’ Korfmann’ın gözetiminde Eskişehir-Demircihöyük bölgesinde yapılan kazılarda ortaya çıkarılan bir lületaşı parçası, 5000 yıl önce lületaşı veya benzeri taşların zaten bilindiğini ve kullanıldığını kanıtlamıştır. Ayrıca Erken Tunç Çağı Kuban Vadisi’ndeki 4000 yıl öncesine ait kurgan kral mezarlarının tabanlarının Eskişehir’den getirilen lületaşları ile süslendiği bilinmektedir.
Anadolu Üniversitesi ve Eskişehir Arkeoloji Müzesi denetiminde Eskişehir Çavlum Nekropolü alanında yapılan kazılarda yontulmuş ancak tamamlanmamış bir lületaşı mühür bulundu. Mühürün bulunmuş olduğu mezar muhtemelen sekiz yaşında bir kızın ve 3700 yıl öncesi Erken Hitit dönemine ait.
Lületaşına En Eski Referans
Yazılı kaynaklarda lületaşı için en erken referans, XII.Yüzyılda yazılmış bir seyahat kitabında bulunur. Eskişehir, Türklerin hakimiyeti altındaki bir sınır eyaleti ve ticaret merkezi olduğunda, bir Arap gezgin olan ‘El Haravi’ 1173 yılında kenti ziyaret etmiş ve seyahat kitabında Eskişehir hakkında yazmıştır. Kitabında şifalı termal sulardan ve lületaşından bahseder; ancak lületaşını kimlerin veya hangi amaçla kullandığı hakkında herhangi bir bilgi vermez.
El Haravi’ den sonra Turfan Metinlerinde de lületaşından bahsedildiğini ve lületaşından ilaç yapıldığını öğreniyoruz. Eskişehir, Kafkaslardan Hindistan ve Orta Asya’ya en az 800 yıldır bu değerli mineral sayesinde Anadolu’nun ilk ihracat merkezlerinden biri olarak biliniyor.
En Mükemmel Pipo Yapım Materyali: Lületaşı
Afrika kıtasından gelen tütün, oradan Anadolu, Asya ve Avustralya’ya yayıldı.
Tütün şamanlar tarafından tıbbi amaçlar için yaygın olarak kullanılmıştır.
Tütün, XVI yüzyılın başlarında Christopher Columbus sayesinde Avrupa’ya taşındı. Portekiz ve İspanya’da tütün tüketiminin hızla artması, pipo endüstrisinin ortaya çıkmasına neden oldu ve yeni pipo malzemeleri üzerine araştırmalar arttı. Temiz beyaz dokusu, işleme-kullanım kolaylığı ve hafifliği ile pipo yapımına uygun kalitede sadece Eskişehir’de bulunan lületaşı, tüm dünyada mükemmel bir pipo malzemesi olarak kabul edilmiştir. Avrupa’da bu değerli taşı pipo yapımında ilk kullananlar, değerini bilerek Osmanlı topraklarına gelip umduklarından çok daha fazlasını kazandıktan sonra, başta Viyana’da olmak üzere Avrupa’daki farklı şehirlerde sayısız lületaşı pipo atölyeleri açtılar.
Orjinal Türkçe ismi ‘Deniz Köpüğü’ olan lületaşı, Yunanca ‘Halos Hachne’, Latince ‘Spuma Maris’, İtalyanca ‘Schiuma di Mare’ ve Fransızca ‘Echume de Mer’ olarak aynı manayı koruyarak farklı dillere çevrildi. Bununla birlikte, en çok tercih edilen ve kullanımı yaygın olan çeviri “meerschaum(lületaşı)” olmuştur. “Die Weisse Göttin” tanımı da lületaşına verilen değerin açık bir işaretidir.
Tütün içme alışkanlığının 1600 yılından itibaren Osmanlı toplumuna yayıldığı bilinmektedir. Aynı dönemde üretimine başlanan kil pipoların yerini zamanla lületaşı pipolar almıştır. Yeniçerilerin 1683’te Viyana kapılarında lületaşı pipolarıyla elegant Türk tütünü içtikleri bilinmektedir.
Tozları dahi ziyan edilmeyen maden!
Taş o kadar değerlidir ki, kesim artıkları bile briar pipolarda astar olarak kullanılmaktadır. Çeşitli araştırmalar sonucunda lületaşının, seramik, boya ve kağıt üretiminde de değerli bir hammadde olduğu bulunmuştur.
Lületaşı Madeni
On sekizinci yüzyıldan itibaren lületaşı için yoğun dış talebi karşılamak amacıyla Eskişehir, Nemli Yakaboyu ve Karatepe çevresindeki üç ana rezerv alanına binlerce maden şaftı kazılmıştır. Yüzlerce metre derinliğindeki kuyular, kireçtaşından oluşan sert katmanlar elle kazılarak açılmıştır.
Lületaşı katmanlarına (yolak) ulaşıldığında, taşı çıkarmak için rezervin büyüklüğüne göre büyük galeriler açılır eğer
lületaşı tabakası suyun altındaysa, öncelikle suyun boşaltılması gerekir…
Yeni iş alanları ve Yerleşimler..
Mekanik ekipman bulunmayan lületaşı madenlerinde yapılan ağır işler için diğer şehirlerden 10.000’den fazla işçi getirilmişti. Bu nüfus akışı, lületaşı alanları çevresinde kasaba büyüklüğünde yerleşimlerin ortaya çıkmasına neden oldu. Şehir merkezinde yapılan atölyeler, lületaşının ihracattan önce hazırlandığı ve işlendiği yerlerdi.
Öncelikle, taş yüzeyi özel çekiçlerle kusurlarından arındırılır ve işlemeye hazır hale getirilir. Daha sonra işlenen blok fırınlarda kurutulup zımparalanır ve balmumu ile cilalanıp özenle paketlenir.
Uzun değerlendirme süreci ve sayısız uygulamadan sonra lületaşı ticaretine ilişkin mevzuat 1970’lerde tamamlanmıştır. Düzenlemeler sonucunda lületaşının ham taş olarak ihracatı yasaklandı.
Cumhuriyetin kuruluşundan sonra profesyonel lületaşı pipo imalatına başlanmıştır. Ali Osman Denizköpüğü (1897-1961), şehir merkezinde bir atölye açıp pipo üretmiş, yurtiçi ve yurtdışı fuarlarda lületaşından bahsetmiştir. Bunun yanında birçok lületaşı pipo ustası yetiştirmiştir.
Lületaşı kadınlar tarafından mücevher olarak da kullanılmıştır. Lületaşı parçaları, kadınlar tarafından boş vakitlerinde ‘kemane’ veya ‘çıkrık’ olarak adlandırılan el tornaları kullanılarak farklı boyutlardaki boncuklar haline getirilerek takılar yapılmıştır.
Ham lületaşı, 1800’lü yıllarda Eskişehir için paha biçilmez bir gelir kaynağıydı. Ham lületaşı merkezli ticaret altın yıllarını, izleyen yüzyılda pipo üretimi ile yaşadı. Dünyaca ünlü birçok Avrupalı ve Amerikalı pipo üreticisi, Eskişehir’in pipo üreticileriyle işbirliği yapmak için birbirleriyle yarıştı. Bununla birlikte, yirminci yüzyılın son yirmi yıllık politik ve ekonomik çatışmaları lületaşı popülaritesini azaltmıştır.
Lületaşı, dünyanın en mükemmel pipo yapım malzemesi ve en eşsiz sanat ve dekorasyon malzemesidir. Avlanmaya dayanan ve tüm dünyada yasaklanmış olan fildişi işlemenin yerini alan tek değerli malzemedir. Yer altında büyük ve henüz keşfedilmemiş lületaşı rezervlerine sahip olan Eskişehir, bu zarif taşı karakterine uygun şekilde sanat ve kültür materyali olarak yeni zirvelere taşımaya hazırlanıyor. Şimdi lületaşı zamanı.