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Yet another addition to my outstanding Altinay pipe collection As always,the skill,attention,and concern to leave me an exceptionally satisfied customer are second to none---and I mean,NONE,The Altinay reputation is well deserved,and as far as I'm concerned,without peer.

Jeffrey Penny / UK

I have purchased from Altinay 5 times. I keep coming back for more. The quality of their products is excellent. Their prices are fair, and they ship quickly. I also appreciate how responsive and helpful they are. Definitely recommended.

Joey L / USA

The picture doesn't do it justice. Hundred times better pipe than in the picture really really..

Aldin Tantula / FINLAND
Hello everyone!

I traveled in Turkey for a week and came back and ordered this pipe.
I saw many beautiful ancient sculptures in the museums in Istanbul, Izmir and Ephesus. Combined with the local production of the finest quality meerschaum, I think this is why Turkish artisans can make such beautifully carved pipes.
DHL is very fast, it took only 47 hours to travel from Turkey to China, even less than two days.
Said very kindly replied to all my emails and even included travel advice on how to get from Istanbul to Eskişehir while traveling.

A very pleasant experience, just like the great experience I had with Turkey as a country.

Wang Yuxiang / CHINA



DHL 的速度非常快,土耳其送到中国只用了 47 个小时,甚至不到两天。



Wang Yuxiang / CHINA
Good evening, gentlemen.
Just a few words of thanks to you, “family Altinay” for my latest purchase(Carbonfiber Series Meerschaum).
Although I have two other pipes from you, this particular pipe has become “the” pipe. I shall in course ask you to repeat the order.
This is the first pipe that I have owned, where every bowl of tobacco has been smoked right down to the heel, hardly any bit of burnt tobacco remaining! I’m quite sure that this everything to do with its internal dimensions and my predilection for “Flake” tobacco’s....the two combining perfectly to reward the smoker with the perfect smoking experience!
In short, I have managed to purchase “the perfect pipe” and I cannot thank you enough for it, it really has restored my enthusiasm for smoking tobacco and I’m all the happier and more contented because of it!
I should also mention your most excellent service. Your turnaround and delivery times are exceptional, absolutely first class and complement the first class quality of your Meerschaum Pipes.
Many thanks indeed, you’ve made a middle aged Englishmen very, very happy .
All the best to all of you and may this year bring you and your families, peace, happiness and wealth and good health.
Richard Baxter / UK
Dear Said!
My new pipe with extra mouthpiece arrived this afternoon and i'm very happy with it. Thank you so much for this perfect piece of craftsmanship. I have a few meerschaum pipes, but nothing compares to the Altinay pipes. I could not resist to smoke a bowl of Rattrays 'Old Gowrie' in it and it smokes perfectly. So thanks once more and until the next oder!! ;-)
Kind regards
Holger Träxler / GERMANY
The best pipes ever :D price from hell, smoking and looks like heaven
I recommend!
Piotr W / POLAND
Dear Said,
I had admired this pipe throughout the fall months. I was so disappointed to see that it sold before I could purchase it. You can imagine my surprise when my wife gifted it to me for Christmas!
Thank you and your family for such a beautiful pipe and for making the buying process so easy for my wife. I am enjoying the pipe as I write this and you can be assured I will be back to you as I now only smoke meerschaum. Take care and have a wonderful 2024!
John / USA
Dear Altinay Crew,
I am happy owner of few pipes from your workshop. Most of them I bought from different sellers, but two of them I bought directly from your shop.
Today I received the second one. I was very joyfull finding (the gift) inside the package! I write to thank you for your kind gift, and also to thank you for excellent pipes you produce. For your art and quality. I wish you all the best!
Happy New Year!
Kindest regards,
Piotr Bochiński / POLAND
This is the most expensive pipe I have ever bought and my first Meerschaum. However, it is also the only pipe I don't regret purchasing, for some reason or other. Online pipe purchases normally result in some form of disappointment for me. But the extensive and detailed photos of each pipe on their site show that Altinay have nothing to hide. This pipe is flawless, beautiful and my first smoke in it was one of the best smokes I have ever had. Customer service is also excellent. Prompt responses to questions and pipe arrived surprisingly swiftly. Actually very good value, and worth spending more to get something of such guaranteed quality. Many thanks
Nicholas Mackay / UK

Hi Said,

 Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful pipes.  They are truly works of art, and they of course smoke fantastically too.
Neil Wheeler / USA
Hi Said,
My pipe and bag arrived today.
Wow what a beautiful pipe. I’m very happy with it. And love the pipe bag.
I will be saving the first smoke for now. Thank you again for your quick service and your beautiful product.
Best regards,
Michael Foley / AUSTRALIA
Excelente Pipas, ya son 2 las que tengo y de maravilla! El envío a la Argentina fue muy rápido a través de DHL.  Realmente un placer tratar con Altinay, atención y trato de calidad y pipas de primer nivel! Saludos desde Argentina.
Carlos Mazzei / ARGENTINA
Very nice Merschaum pipe with intricate design for a pretty good price. Shipping was fast particularly because the pipe traveled from Türkiye to California. The box for they pipe is good quality and fits the Meer very well. The Meer I ordered was a POY for Pipesmokersden with customized engraving. I am very happy with the pipe it is a looker. Feels very good in the hand and has an amazing draw.
Sven Sulzmann / USA
Amazing pipe, incredible service and quick delivery.
Dwain Dunn / USA
What a great experience it has been working with you! I was part of the organizing crew for this pipe of the year and we have been well pleased!
This is my first Altinay pipe and it will not be my last.  Beautiful workmanship! Superbly crafted!
Once ordered, shipping was efficient and timely.
Thank you!!
Bill W. S. / USA
Altinay makes an incredible pipe.
Beautiful carving, open draw and smokes like a champ.
Shipping was very fast also.
Mike Lockard / USA
It was a pleasure meeting you and admiring your pipes. My trip to Turkey 🇹🇷 was the occasion to buy one of your splendid foam pipes which are small works of art. Your hospitality was very welcome, in short, a real pleasure. I hope to meet you again soon.
Maurizio Limuli / Italy
Very few of us can afford works of art like Van Gogh's Sunflowers,but I CAN afford the artistry demonstrated by Said and Nedim on my meerschaums,which can be so intricate,so detailed,they make me marvel at the level of skill involved.And unlike a great painting or sculpture,you can smoke their work.As always,great communication,a level of service and customer care that seems to have disappeared from most of the world now,and in sum,another pipe,and a lifetime of pleasure from yet another Altinay in my collection.
Jeffrey Penny / UK
Dear Said,
I have got the pipe, everything is OK.
Thank you for your perfect management, I am so glad to contact with you.
The pipe is wonderful and works well.
Our contact sure will take stronger the Turkish-Hungarian friendship.
I wish you successful business.
Kind Regards
Gabor Dobos / HUNGARY
From the first contact I was hooked, very customer friendly, helpful, within minutes I got an picture of a pipe like I'd ask for. Needed some time to make up my mind, came up with a new idea, ordered it on Monday arrived on Thursday, pretty fast from order to delivery.
The pipe is awesome like I expected a pipe from an expert, very well processed, nothing to complain about.
Smoked it for the first time and what should I say, one of my best smokes ever (need to say, that is my first meer).
Want to thank Altinay Pipes for this customer experience and I can highly recommend them.
Btw. this will not be my last meerschaum, needless to say, that the next one will be an Altinay Pipe as well.
Christian Hahn / SWITZERLAND
Thank you for the wonderful pipe! Harmonious and beautiful performance with engineering. The best you can find from foam.
Andrii Podolianiuk / TURKEY
I’d just like to say “thank you”, in a more Public way, for the two Pipes that you posted to me (they arrived today, just before lunchtime)!
This beautiful, Rusticated Devil Anse, is every bit as good as it looks here and it is very comfortable in “the clench” as well!
My little Carbon, similar as per the posting image here, is just as wonderful and I’m so very happy with that to!
Your Customer Service must be mentioned to: you received that order overnight of Thursday/ Friday and had it delivered to me, in England, before lunchtime of Saturday! That’s absolutely phenomenal service and I cannot thank you enough!
Needless to say, I shall recommend Altinay Pipes to all my fellow Pipe Smokers in the UKPTC and Pipe Club of London. I sincerely hope that you get business off of the back of it!
Thank you again.
Richard Baxter / UK
Not just high quality meerschaum but pipes that smoke amazingly well. Fast shipping and responsive customer service. A pleasure to do business with.
Geoff Saab / CANADA
Ordered a pipe from Altinay online. Fast and clear communication, crazy fast shipping. And the pipe arrived absolutely stunning! Even more beautiful than the photos, shiny and white high quality meerschaum! Perfect drilling (passes a pipe cleaner easily). Can't wait to smoke it to see it colour. Definitely will be my go to for meerschaum pipes.
Jordain Tan / SINGAPORE
Ústretový obchodník, dobrá komunikácia, pekný tovar. Ďakujem
Tom Vavrovic / SLOVAKIA
I have purchased a beautiful Billiard meerschaum pipe from Altinay Pipes. It arrived already after 2 days in Germany. The pipe has a superior quality and the wonderful carved decorations have made it immediately my favorite piece. It is incredibly light and can be smoked with pleasure and taste. Dear Altinay team, thank you very much that you exist! Greetings from Germany! Florian
Florian Schmid / GERMANY
Ordered on a Wed. Pipe received Mon morning. Super fast shipping from DHL with constant updates. Loved it. The pipe is beautifully made, with generous airflow and a well fitting bit, two things that suffer on lower quality meers. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase and look forward to owning more Altinay pipes!
John R / USA
Altinay makes the absolute best meerschaum pipes in the market. The quality of their products and services are unparalleled. I absolutely recommend them for anyone looking for the best meerschaum pipe that money can buy. First class product and amazing service!!!!
Ali Alansari / UK

Over the year, I am here to write a review. I am here because I realized that Altinay pipes among my 40+ pipes have become in the top that I use regularly.

It's really perfect quality, design, balance, and functionality. I love this. I have several sets of pipes for traveling, with one, with 3 and with 5+ smoking pipes. But in each of them, I take your pipe. Need to mention please use original bag to save your pipe, it could be smoked several times in a row, and that really works in opposite to briar. And I am a fan of their weight. It is so light. I strongly recommend having at least one of these pipes in your collection.

Alexey Axyonov / KAZAKHSTAN
Gyors vasárlás.Nagyon szép termék.
Ajánlom minden pipásnak.
Sándor Harsányi / HUNGARY
Outstanding service , masterpiece product! Highly recommended!Great work my friend. See you again.
Ádám Gergely / HUNGARY
Again I returned to Eskisehir for the purpose of purchasing meerschaum pipes. The first place I went was to Mr. Altinay's store where I purchased 3 more pipes. Very tough deciding which ones to take. All are perfectly functioning, extremally high quality, masterful, works of art! This was my third visit to his store and not my last. I own more than 40 meerschaums and the ones I've purchased from him are of the highest craftsmanship. Thank you for another unforgettable visit. If you are looking for perfection in your meerschaum pieces, you will find no higher quality pipes than his workmanship.
Great work my friend. See you again.
James Tomicich / USA
Great shopping experience, excellent pipe quality, meerschaum pipe quality is very good, similar to translucent, smoking feels like a dream. Delivery is free and very fast. I have two of Antinay's,and eager to continue to buy the next one.
Wow. I received a smooth Dublin carved by Nedim last week and just got a chance to smoke it today. The quality of the pipe and the smoke are amazing. I can’t say enough about this company. Shipping speed to my home in the U.S. was lightning fast - 2.5 days, with full communication as to shipping status all along the way. Everything about the pipe and experience well exceeded my expectations. Altinay pipes are without doubt world class, and I highly recommend them. I will order again. I’m looking forward to many great years and smokes with this pipe. THANK YOU ALTINAY!
Mike Patrick / USA
Great service shipped pipe and accessories from turkey to tn in 7 days even with customs opening package for inspection. Wonderful pipe at a reasonable price and great around the world shipping ill be ordering more.
Just wanted to say thank you I got my meerschaum and tamper. Taking just 6 days to arrive in east Tn, and then likely only because customs in Ohio decided to admire it before sending on to me, is amazing for rural tn. The pipe also is so much nicer than I expected from the pictures. I was mildly concerned it would be to big when ordered but ended up being the perfect size for me.. I will be ordering more in the future when I see others that tickle my fancy thank you again.
Chad Fairbanks / USA
Trying out my new Said Altınay pipe I purchased a few weeks ago. The draw on this thing is perfect. Some of the more expensive pipe makers could learn something from this man. It’s loaded with Lane dark cherry I got from Travis Kropf and the happy piper. And I must say it’s pretty good, very similar to blood red moon but no sour taste at the end. All and all it’s a great combination.
Nathan Nelson / USA
Morning PIPESTERS from a sunny UK , it’s fresh coffee time with the Altinay silver spigot, and Robert Mconnels Scottish cake ...only had this pipe a short while but Man does it smoke good !! , I originally ordered a different brand of Meerschaum pipe and although the bowl carving was superb, the engineering was not , so I sent it straight back to GQ, explaining why I was returning it...Sam at GQ said , the problem is some of these guys are fantastic Meerschaum carvers but don’t put the same work into the engineering...so I did a bit of research and the name Altinay kept coming up, so I contacted Said Altınay (an absolute Gentleman) and ordered this pipe from him......highly recommend if you’re looking at Meerschaum ?✨✨
Dave Thompson / UK
Just picked up a smooth billiard straight stem with silver spigot and rim cap. Got myself their 8 set of extra stems to go with it because it’s my birthday present to me and I wanted to surprise myself…I was. Such a great looking pipe and the stems are a nice touch. I was hoping to get a little better color selection from the stem materials, but they are still nice. Smoking it for the first time tonight on the balcony while it rains. So far smokes smooth and cool.
Steve D. / JAPAN
I ordered for myself spigot brandy pipe from altinaypipes.com page. Excellent quality and technically well functioning pipe! I can truly recommend products from Altinay.
Pasi Setälä / SPAIN
My pipe selection is a beautiful jewel, a fine, precise smoke on the very first experience. Workmanship, quality, and overall appearance is, in my opinion, excellent!!  I only wish for a larger pipe on my next purchase.
Larry Aldrich / USA
Bellissima pipa in schiuma, comoda e leggera come una piuma, sicuramente ne prenderò altre. Servizio clienti sempre disponibile e spedizione veloce. Consigliato
Alessandro Demitri / ITALY
I received 1 pipe and a six pack........ no no no, I received 1 pack containing 6 pipes ... of course from Altinay ! Just fantastic pieces for my collection. I love these masterpieces and I'm a happy customer ! Thank you Nedim and Said ! See you next time ! Greetings from Ghent.
Dirk Mullaert / BELGIUM
Outstanding quality and craftmanship.
I highly recommend.  Altinay is very receptive and demonstrates a genuine care towards his clients.
Monte Winsett / USA
I would like to thank Said for his support and reply to all the information i requested. The pipe is like an art work. As i am a Captain and i am onboard a vessel, my wife received the shippment and at the same time she called me to tell me that this is a masterpiece and asked me if i am going to smoke it or if we are going to display this artwork !!!!!
For sure i will buy again and again from ALTINAY PIPES.
Emmanouil Katsoulis / GREECE
Thank you very much for shipping the pipe so quickly! It arrived here in one piece and it looks awesome!
I will continue to monitor your website shop for new models as you add them.
In the mean time I will enjoy my first Meerschaum pipe and admire the Altinay master craftsmanship!
Andreas Nebel / SOUTH AFRICA

An excellent manufacturer of Meerschaum pipes, providing high quality products and good service. They are able to send their products all over the world in a reliable manner. I would ask them again when I will plan my next one.

Keishi Shimoura / JAPAN

Wonderful Pipe. I am very happy with this VPC group pipe. Thank you it won't be my last from Altinay

Philipp Ganzen / GERMANY

I recently received my Virtual Pipe Club Pipe of the Year for 2021 (CarbonFiber Series Poker Pipe) and am very pleased.  The pipe is light weight with a very modern looking style that sits nicely on my table top.  More importantly, it smokes great -- cool and dry, no gurgling even at the bottom of the bowl.  I also like the nice VPC logo etched into the bottom of the pipe.  If anyone asks me about a meerschaum pipe, I'll definitely recommend they shop with Altinay!

David Klein / USA

This is a great pipe, maybe one of the best and lightest pipe I've ever owned(I have over 100 pipes). Working on the third bowl, and still smokes' very nice. If all of your meers are this good, I know where to recommend someone to get a good authentic block meer.

Trying it out right now with Louisiana Red. Highly recommended.

Dennis Ciurej / USA

Very happy with the Club 2021 Pipe! Actually smoking it as I type this-! Beautiful pipe, arrived safe and sound!

Arthur Greenberg / USA

Was very pleased with the quality of the pipe. The esthetics are the construction were both top notch. This Altinay Meer has already earned its place in my regular rotation. Would do business with them again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Wayne Ferguson / USA

Awesome workmanship and love the pipe. The detail and expertise is evident from the packaging to the moment you take your first bowl.


Lovely pipe, so light, mine weight only 17,3g

Jyrki Rosilainen / FINLAND

This is a great pipe.


My meerschaum Poker is a very good smoker. It is quite similar to the Eltang Basic pipes and I have three of them. But this version from Altinay smokes the best. For me it's a "must have"! Delivery was fast and safe and sound. Keep up the good work and bedt wishes to Turkey!

Jürgen Gradenegger / GERMANY

I bought a pipe from these guys before I ever even knew about the hype and I get the hype now! It is such a great pipe!

Tyler Edwards / USA

What an excellent pipe. Finely crafted and light weight. I’m already looking for my next purchase from Altinay.

Shawn Mcconnell / USA
Hello Said!
Thank you very much for the pipe! This is my first Meershaum pipe, but most likely not the last!
Ilia Abramochkin / RUSSIA

Finally came in a few days ago and having my first smoke. Such a great smoking little pipe. So light and so open with its flow. I love that I can set it down and let it rest with it dumping. Gonna be my go to shop pipe I thinks. Nice work brother.

Christopher Antone / USA

Pipe was nicely packaged. Smokes great, is very light. Good smoker so far. Nice work done on club logo on bottom; very nice detail on the bowl.

Coleman Mathews / USA

Received my pipe a couple of days ago. Looks great, smokes great.

Thanks a lot,

Nicholas Mayberry
Nicholas Mayberry / USA

I have 2 pipes from Altinay, one off the shop and one requested commission. I can recommend buying a pipe from Altinay: shop is very user-friendly, contacting Altinay via social media accounts is very easy, shipping is lightning fast (within 32hrs from pickup to delivery). The pipes bring you the smoke you would expect from a meerschaum pipe!

Daniel Willemsen / Netherlands

What to say… This small billiard-chimney meerschaum pipe already took my heart. Despite smoking pipes since several years, this was my first meerschaum and first experience with Altinay ever. Nothing but excellent pipe, service and kind friendly approach. Said Bey, thank you very much indeed (Çok çok teşekkürler) and needless to say this is just the first meerschaum pipe i will enjoy out of your proud craftsmanship. Marco

Marco d’Antonio / Italy

Hello Said.

Just wanted to let you know that I received the pipe and tamper this morning and was all in perfect shape.  I’m always surprised as to how fast the shipping is!  The pipe is exactly was I was expecting.  Great packaging, by the way.

This afternoon I will get my favorite tobacco and smoke it in it.


Victor Reyes / CHILE

Olala !!! Altinay recently released the option to purchase a box of 8 silver spigot stems. I asked them if it was possible to get them also bent for my new calabash silver spigot, and yes, no problem. Today the package arrived and ohhh ... the bent stems are fantastic. Thank you very much Said and Nedim, I am a happy customer !!!

Dirk Mullaert / BELGIUM

Hello First of all, there was an initial problem with my order, because the pipe I wanted was actually not available. Said Altinay immediately sent me a message explaining the issue, and offered me a slightly upgraded version similar to the pipe I ordered.  I accepted the offer, and the replacement pipe was immediately shipped.

I’m using the word “immediately” because I was impressed by the rapid response, both in reaching out, and with shipping.  I was concerned because this is the first purchase I made directly from a country over 6,000 miles away.  I was ready for a delay, and was shocked that the pipe arrived so quickly.  My order was placed on a Friday in Los Angeles, California, and arrived from Turkey the following Wednesday!

Now, for the best part, the pipe.  The pipe is gorgeous.  Very white, which I think may indicate a high grade of block meerschaum was used.  The “teardrop” lattice work is amazing.  The pipe smokes very clean, and feels well made and the stem fits tightly, and everything just has a solid look and feel.  I’m very impressed with the quality of this pipe.

My only complaint is that the pipe is actually shorter than what I was looking for.  It was definitely an upgrade from the one I ordered, but it forces me to continue to look for another pipe with the length I actually desire.  This one will have it’s place in my collection, but I may have been too anxious in accepting the replacement because, while I absolutely love the workmanship and the material, I’m still looking for the size I actually wanted.

Overall, this entire experience with Altinay Pipes was a good one.  I highly recommend their company because of their communication, and the quality and intricacy of their work.

They said they would be able to accommodate such a request, and even went so far as to carve out a matching tamper shaped like a deer leg (I requested this, and sent them a picture which they copied exactly).
The shipping from Turkey to rural Missouri (USA), was lightning fast and I am absolutely satisfied with the craftsmanship of the pipe. They did an excellent job and I couldn't be more pleased with the finished product. I would very much recommend this company as one to do business with.

Robert Cummings / USA

While looking through this company's previous sales, I noted a bent billiard Meerschaum pipe with a deer motif. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was the exact pipe that I had been searching for! Alas, it had already been sold or I would have bought it then and there. I contacted the company, and asked them if they would be able to carve me another pipe, exactly like the one that has already been sold.
They said they would be able to accommodate such a request, and even went so far as to carve out a matching tamper shaped like a deer leg (I requested this, and sent them a picture which they copied exactly).
The shipping from Turkey to rural Missouri (USA), was lightning fast and I am absolutely satisfied with the craftsmanship of the pipe. They did an excellent job and I couldn't be more pleased with the finished product. I would very much recommend this company as one to do business with.

Steven E Snow / USA

I was blown away with the quality of my commissioned piece. Excellent communication and packaging, but the quality is outstanding for especially considering the cost. Cannot recommended Altinay enough. It will not be my last purchase from Altinay at all. It not only looks amazing but it smokes great too. I love it so much. Thanks Said and Nedim!

Daniel S / USA
This is a Dublin Meerschaum pipe.
It’s my third Altinay Meerschaum pipe.
I’ve enjoyed all of them.
They are very nice to smoke.
Thank you.
Norman Cooper / USA
Not only are the two Pipes carved by Nedim very beautiful, but they also smoke exceptionally well. Nedim's son Said was very kind and helpful in getting me a couple of special requests. Artists sign their best work; therefore, I asked Nedim to sign my pipes. Thank you Altinay!
Daniel Youngberg / USA
I've just received my second pipe,and it's as good as the first,of which I had no doubt it would be. There may be many who can carve a pipe in Turkey,but I have yet to find anyone who combines art,skill,and craftsmanship to the extent that the Altinay company does. The highest recommendation of all must be repeat custom,and I only wish I'd discovered this producer before now. Perhaps only God can make something perfect,but frankly,the products of the Altinay family come close. Just one further word,regarding stems...these are superb complements to the bowls,not in the slightest "clunky",and I'd hope any purchaser would invest in a rubber stem protector to preserve theirs.All in all,Altinay meers are to meerschaum what Dunhill are to briars,in my opinion.Will I get more?Of course I will!
Jeffrey Penny / UK
Having purchased many meers from other sources,of varying quality, by luck I stumbled upon Altinay,whilst trying to show a friend how WW1 pipes were mended using a cartridge casing,and pulled up a picture(several,actually)of Altinay pipes,so thought I'd try one.
Needless to say,the pipe I bought was of the very best quality and workmanship,and I ordered a second within a day or two.
Not only was the pipe far better than good,but so was the communication and service.
I will be getting more pipes from Altinay,the very best example of the art of meerschaum pipe making.
Jeffrey Penny / UK
The craftsmanship at Altinay is amazing and the service is unparalleled. The pencil shanked billiard I purchased smokes like a dream, is wonderfully light, and has the perfect sized bowl. I cannot say enough good things about these beautiful meerschaum pipes. Thanks again!
Garret Woo / USA
Thanks Altinay! I received my Calabash and Eagle claw pipes today - they are beautiful!  I smoked the Eagle Claw immediately and it was such a wonderful easy smoke - I loved it - and all along was admiring how detailed and sharp the carving is.  The Calabash bowl is fantastic looking and the  pipe is the perfect size and very well balanced.  I seriously am now trying to determine what my third pipe from you will be!  Oh, and, the pipes got here 5 days faster than expected!   You are a class act all the way around.
Gavin Foltz / USA
I've finally spent enough time with my new meerschaum by @altinay.meerschaum.pipes to sing its praise. The size and weight of the pipe is perfect for me and I love the rusticated finish. The bamboo shank is simply beautiful and makes the pipe very unique. This is currently my absolute favorite, as I can smoke and enjoy it multiple times a day.
A big thank you to all at Altinay!
Garret Woo / USA
This is an absolutely incredible pipe and an amazing service. I'm extremely happy with my purchase; the pipe was shipped with care and arrived in perfect order. Thank you so much for everything!
Garret Woo / USA
I couldn’t be happier with my Altinay Silver spigot. I asked the good people at Altinaypipes.com to make an apple silver spigot with a silver rim and I got exactly what I wanted. It smokes wonderfully and it is a work of art. Said Altinay is a pleasure to deal with. I can’t wait to make my next purchase.
Robyn E. / CANADA
Shipped quickly and sent pipe depicted in photo on their site. It's glorious, I love it.
Bruce Fredricks / USA
This was a top notch experience from start to finish: a well laid out website, prompt shipping (even arrived a day early), and in the end a beautiful, and amazingly well smoking pipe. It is clear that the master carvers at Altinay care not about only crafting quality pipes, but getting them to their new homes in a way that speaks to the care and quality of craftsmanship and service. Many thanks to all involved in the Altinay experience!
Hernan Brizuela / USA
Great pipe for a great price.  They were also quick to replace a stem that I had broken for free
Ordered some pipes again, and as always, they are fantastic works of art. My collection is growing and now I have 19. I don't know when I can stop, too beautiful to pass them up. They smoke excellent and also to look at and admire. Many thanks Said, family and staff. Good luck. Greetings from Ghent.
Dirk Mullaert / BELGIUM

I did some research and discovered that the little college town of Eskisehir is the center for meerschaum carving. I traveled to turkey for the primary  purpose of meeting Master Carver Mr. Altinay and purchasing an assortment of pipes from him. He is truly an amazing artist. I brought back a block of meerschaum stone as a souvenir. I was able to witness first hand his craft and asked him to sign some of the pieces. Very tough task deciding which ones to buy.  I brought home many pieces.  Most will never be smoked. Too beautiful, but the ones I do use provide a great smoke! I plan to return when Covid loosens it's grip and add to my collection. Thank you for the experience. I will always remember it. If you want the best quality, authentic, functional artwork, this is the place!

Thank you Mr.  Altinay. Hope to see you again soon.


James Tomicich / USA
Thank you for an excellent deal on this adorable, unique pipe.  The DHL service was excellent and on time.  The pipe is great with an perfect draw. It’s light as a feather and so easy to clench. I’m smoking it right now.
I hope to be buying many more of your products in the near future. Once again, thanks!
Best regards,
Stanley Nigro / USA

The pipe I bought is awesome, great job!

Kiss Levente / HUNGARY

Superbe, fantastic pipe!

Mathieu Lagouge / FRANCE


I have received my meerschaum today. It is truly a work of art. This is my first meerschaum. I have done a lot of research on the care and use of meerschaum pipes and hope to do it justice. The first smoke was like kissing my wife for the first time. I look forward to many hours of pleasure with it and will add a testimonial after I have spent a few smokes with it.
Thank you
Steve Pullar / USA

Hello Said.

I received my pipe this morning .
It is beautiful.
Thank you very much.
Guillermo De Los Rios / COLOMBIA
I love the Sailor/Pop-eye pipes, and for a mont ago i recieved one i meerschuam from Altinay, its a fantastic smoker, light (20 grams) tastes good i am very happy.
Frank Lund / DENMARK
Fantastic smoking, extremely beautiful pipe . Best meerschaum I've ever owned. Excellent workmanship!
Ron Franks / USA
The temperatures here finally got warm enough to smoke my new pipe. It is a very pleasant smoking pipe and despite what I had read about acrylic stems, this stem is quite comfortable and also the easiest draw of any that I have. The fact that it is drilled all the way through with a consistent hole makes it the only one I have that will pass a pipe cleaner all the way through from end to end which makes for easy cleaning. I am very happy with my purchase.
Rick Churchill / CANADA
Great looking pipe, thanks
Samuel Murray / USA

Heb terug enkele pijpen besteld, en zoals steeds, het zijn fantastische kunstwerkjes. Mijn verzameling groeit aan en heb er nu 11. Ik weet niet wanneer ik kan stoppen, veel te mooi ze te laten liggen. Ze roken voortreffelijk en ook om naar te kijken en te bewonderen. Hartelijk dank Said, familie en medewerkers. Veel succes gewenst. Groeten uit Gent.

Dirk Mullaert / BELGIUM

Great pipe very satisfied....shipping was fast.Shipped on a friday and got it by Wednesday.Im used to waiting a month for shipments.Smokes great also.

Blair Isnor / CANADA

Beutiful pipe, exactly like in the pictures. Premium quality and fast delivery! Thank you and keep up the great work!

Helsinki Pipester / FINLAND

My experience so far with Altinay meerschaum pipes, is amazing. a lot of variety of meerschaum pipes. The service is fantastic, shipping wonderful and the pipes are sensational. An artisan always ready to help you and satisfied all your needs. if I have to add a meerschaum pipe to my collection i will always back to him. A+++, i can't wait for receiving a new one on the next days! thanks for everything!

Alessandro Cini / ITALY

I have the spigot now as well...amazingly fast delivery from Turkey on all 3 I've purchased from them.

I normally smoke a new pipe within a day or two of receiving it, but this spigot is the first time I'm a little hesitant. It's just so beautiful and perfect...but I'll probably initiate it this weekend sometime.

I've had 3 or 4 bowls in the Dublin now. Smokes wonderfully...light as a feather and very comfortable.

Both of these have the same exquisite stem work as the first one I purchased from them. I have not owned any pipes with more comfortable and well shaped stems than these. The buttons are just right.

The drilling on all 3 is spot on as well...and solid, tight construction.

I have a number of meers from several different makers, all of varying quality, and right now I'd definitely recommend Altinay as first choice for anyone looking to acquire one.

Brian White / USA

Hello Said !

My pipe arrived today. It is magnificent, superb !  It is not always you receive things bought on line which are as good as they appear on the web site, even an excellent web site such as yours, but this exceeded all my hopes.

It looks to good to smoke !

Thank you once again for all your help, excellent service and craftsmanship.

Tim Carter / UK

Received my first Altinay today. Less than a week from Turkey. The photos didn't do it justice. Workmanship is flawless. Symmetry in the carved design is superb. Mr Altinay drilled the draft to 4 mm for me, passes a pipe cleaner effortlessly. The pipe is incredibly light, balance is perfect. I was pleasant surprised by the stem work, thin and wide. Perfect clencher. Capstan Blue was chosen for the maiden voyage. Excellent smoking pipe, very neutral

I love the IMP I've been smoking for a month but my initial impression is the Altinay may be slightly better. I'll be buying more from this carver.

Mark Craney / USA

Tip of the hat to Said Altınay at altinaypipes.com who managed to get this gorgeous calcinated meerschaum from their shop in Turkey into my hands in Honolulu in about a week. Breaking it in this afternoon with some Eastfarthing.
My boys came outside in the middle of the bowl to ask me to fix something for them, and to tell me that by the way my pipe smoke smelled good. I’ll take the win.
Absolutely beautiful shaping and finish.

Jason Fleming / USA

Dear Altinay,
Sorry to only get in contact with you after a year but to tell you the truth the pipe has been a present and the occasion to open the packet was today...
I wanted to thank you again for this gorgeous pipe and let you know how happy I am.
I used it for a video maybe you want to have a look:
that would be a great honour! and since your work is very much appreciated maybe you leave a comment beneath to say hello to all your admirers .

A special thanks as well for the surprise...there will be a video online tomorrow...
Great having be able get to know you and your work!

Julia Galluzzi / SWITZERLAND
Love the pipe and quick delivery.  Absolutely beautiful and
my first meerschaum. Thanks
Eric Koinzan / USA

Wonderful Pipe! Twenty of ten Stars :)


Hi Altinay Pipes Team,
Thank you so much for the wonderful Pipe and the wonderful Stamper! I love it so much!
Very fast delivery and very good work and quality!
Greets from Germany

Stefan Bühler / GERMANY

Top class goods! Very good customer service. Very fast delivery Thank you!

Robert Celtowski / IRELAND

The pipe is arrived it looks exactly as described on the site and perfectly matched with my estimation. Additional stem that I bought has perfect amber color exactly what I want. The delivery was really fast. Over all Well Done! Thanks a lot.

Igor Lebedev / ISRAEL

Pipe is beatiful and it smoke dry.  Shipping was perfect and fast. It is my third pipe from Mr. Altinay and it will not be the last. Very recommended

Daniele Campari / ITALY

A beautiful pipe even the wife likes it, great service will buy again from this seller highly recommended thanks.

Anthony Mackintosh / UK

Thanks Altinay!!
Excellent quality of manufacture. A delightful pipe, very pleasing to the eye as well as to the touch.
Equally commendable is the rapid response to the order with immediate dispatch.

K. Voutsadopoulos / GERMANY

Its my first Meerschaum spigot pipe and very satisfied with the pipe. Wonderful craftmanship, looks great with the calcined rusticated design, smokes superb dry and cool.
Many Thanks Altinay Team

Tom Froehlich / GERMANY

The pipe is just so beautiful... a unique piece of art !!! I'm really happy with my purchase.. this is my first meerschaum but i will sure buy again from Altinay!!!! The pipe is so light beautiful and smokes amazingly... the service is amazing too... i wrote an email on saturday with a question... they answer me within 2 hours the same day... i ordered on Sunday and receive the pipe on tuesday!!!  Will recommend for sure

Florian Casanova / SWITZERLAND

The pipe I purchased arrived quickly and is even more gorgeous than in the pictures. Your passion for this craft is apparent. I am very happy with my order and will definitely recommend you to all who will listen.

Vitali Wert / GERMANY
Дорогой ᴀʟᴛɪɴᴀʏᴘɪᴘᴇꜱ. Спасибо вам за мундштуки. Спасибо и за подарок. Посылка пришла без нарушений
Galina Grigorevna / RUSSIA
It has been now almost two weeks since I got my first Altinay pipe . I smoke it every day , twice a day and I must say it is the best meerschaum I ever smoked , and I've had a few , like Sinatra used to sing . Thank you .
Avi Etgar / ISRAEL
I recently received my first Altinay pipe, and am so pleased with it, I will likely be getting another soon. The attention to detail is evident, and the photos demonstrate the pipe well and are true. Customer service is nothing short of excellent; questions are answered promptly. I especially like the several choices of 9mm filter pipes. The pipe I bought is a ‘medium’ size, and it is perfect for flake tobaccos.
In summary, I am totally satisfied.
Karen C. / USA

Fantastic pipe ! One of the BEST ! Thank you.

Yury Zakh / USA

Recently received my first meerschaum pipe ordered from Altinay. I had been researching meerschaum pipes for months and finally decided on Altinay because of the fine craftsmanship, reasonable pricing, and good reviews. I found my pipe by searching for the dimensions I wanted, colored stem, and silver bands. Shipping was fairly quick for being halfway around the world, and of course COVID. When I received my pipe I was very happy, it looks better than the pictures. I would definitely consider another purchase.

Matt L. / USA

Excellent pipes! Bought 2 of them, a military and a spigot. Both are finished beautifully. Also bought a tamper, which is the same excellent finish. Packaging in a very nice custom fit case. Craftsmanship at the highest level! Communication with Said Altinay was fast and very customer friendly. Shipping was amazingly fast! If you are looking for a meerschaum pipe, buy an Altinay. You will not be disappointed, I promiss. I will buy from them again for sure!

Melchior Reinders / NETHERLANDS

Really nicely. All my smokes have been perfectly dry. I mean not even a damp dottle. I get to smoke my bowls to the bottom with no particular trouble. The weight and stem make it so easy to clench... Before getting it, I imagined it would be my "inside"pipe to avoid breaking it or getting it dirty. I in fact now take it everywhere! I've smoked at least one bowl every day in it since I got it. It's a true smoking machine. I've never had that level of satisfaction out of a pipe before.

Benjamin M / FRANCE

Voor de eerste maal heb ik besteld bij de familie Altinay. De kunstwerken die ze daar aanbieden, is gewoon onvoorstelbaar. Hoge kwaliteit in meerschaum en de finesse van afwerking, ONGELOOFLIJK !!! Ik ben verliefd op deze mooie tabakspijpen, als roker, maar ook als verzamelaar. Toi toi toi !!!

Dirk Mullaert / BELGIUM

I've been fantasizing on spigots for more than a year and idealizing the benefits of a new meet. The two I own are old and uncomfortable. The first is so big and long it's tiresome to clench and the second's bit is so small I have trouble securing it between my teeth without biting on it...

So here's my latest acquisition. I've never been happier with a pipe purchase and Altinay's service is impeccable and incredibly fast...

Benjamin M / FRANCE

Great products and great professional service...

Christian Gyss / FRANCE

I thank so much the ALTINAYPIPES, It was a very friendly and reliable relationship!

Andreas Nikolopoulos / GREECE

A wonderful work of art , beautifully carved & adapted to take 9 mm filter.Quickly dispatched and delivered safely.

Thank you!

Yury Zakh / USA

Everything is perfect: extraordinary design, top quality, reasonable price, very fast delivery. Thanks!

Holger Hoffmann / SWITZERLAND
I received the pipe tonight and it arrived in great condition.  I just wanted to say that your artistry and craftsmanship are incredible.  Thank you so much for the communication and switching the stem and case for me.  I’m gonna keep checking your page and will only by my meerschaums from you.  Thanks again
Michael Hankemeier / USA

Very fine and beautiful pipe!

Jan Willems / USA

Yesterdy I received the pipe which is my first meerschaum pipe. And It is great, I am not sure about it is because of the Altınaypipes or it is the effect of meerschaum. Because I dont have enough knowledge about it. Regardless of that, It is great to have one. And I hope I will have more.
I hope you will produce some pipes with celtic knot pattern which I will definitley buy:)

Thank you for all.

Orhan Alp / TÜRKİYE

High quality manufacturing. Extremely clean and carefully shaped. The shape I chose, square panel, is very elegant and light. I am very satisfied. Highly professional job. Well done. See you next time.

Gianfranco Russo / ITALY
I hope this finds you and yours healthy and doing well.  I received my pipe today in good order and I am very pleased with it.  The quality and craftsmanship are top-notch and I must say the shipping speed was incredible.  My many thanks and I look forward to my next purchase from Altinay as soon as I find what I'm looking for.
Thanks again and take care,
Gary Caverly / USA

Ringrazio Said Altınay per regalare queste perle al mondo, e per la spedizione ultrarapida che manco Amazon con i droni ce la farebbe. Ordinata Lunedi notte, arrivata giovedi mattina!

Ulrich Monauni / ITALY

I have purchased several pipes now. They always ship fast and are of excellent quality and a great value. Many thanks!

Michael Tornero / USA
Super fast shipping,good quality packaging to protect my wonderful pipe.I'm very satisfaid with my purchase and i'm looking for the next meershaum.Thank you Altinay.
Alessandro Facciolo / ITALY
Dear Altinay Pipes,
I would just like to say THANK YOU for your very professional work. I received my billiard latticed meerschaum pipe just 3 days after my order and it is of excellent quality. I'm very pleased with both the product and the manner in which you handled the whole process, from order to delivery. Keep up the good work, you have a prospect returning customer here!
Nikolaos Georgiou / GREECE
Have Good Day,
I would like to take the chance to thank you for the quality and luxury you always provide us with your beautiful pipes,
Kindly note that i received the second pipe just now in great condition,
Best Regards,
Zahi El Khatib / LEBANON
Hello, my order 32407 arrived in my house today. It's a wonderfull pipe now i can look in my hands all the  artisan work it haves.
Thank you for all.
Albert Mediavilla Soler / SPAIN

I just received my First Meerschaum Viking Pipe!! First impression, what an amazing craftsmanship!! Secondly, it’s so light!! Last but not the least, I filled my bowl and OH MY WORD!! The smoke was heavenly!! Could taste each and every notes!! And the smoke was absolutely cool because of meerschaum!!

Said Altinay, my highest gratitude and respect towards you and your Father for providing such a wonderful platform for all pipe enthusiasts to buy their favourite Meerschaum Pipes!!

Thanks once again!!

Sachin Jadhav / INDIA

Said Altinay!! Is the man with detailed information. He is most helpful and will guide you throughout your purchase. I haven’t even received my order but I placed it just some time ago and wanted to share my enhanced experience with Said.

I would certainly recommend purchasing pipes from Altinay. Product is a different thing but the customer experience you get is over the top!!


Sachin Jadhav / INDIA

I own 2 Altinay pipes. The draw on both of them is fantastic. The fit and finish is top notch. They are great smokers!

Communication is great, ordering is easy and shipping is fast. If you are in the market for a meerschaum pipe you’re in the right place.

William New / USA

Hello Mr. Altinay,

I received my pipe today and i am really happy. A few more things had to be done with the import duty. Therefore the delivery time was a little longer. It is a beautiful specimen and one of the most beautiful pipes in my
collection. Thank you for the great design.

Best regards from Bonn,

Jörg Loßmann / GERMANY
I just bought a beautiful medium sized straight billard with silver ring and army mouthpice, an excellent smoker and an excellent craftmanship! I am very pleased! Five stars!!!
Christian Richter / ITALY
Thank you, the pipe is the highest quality, i'm very impatient with smoking it.


Diego Silva / CHILE

Super meerschaum pipes. The company is difficult to find and they have no shop. But knock on the door and frendly people will show you nice pipes

Kay Kroeger / GERMANY

Got a brand new piece of art!!!!Thank you Said Altınay for an awesome piece. Going to christen it tonight. It goes perfectly with my pirate Themed basement and bar!!!!

Arnold Biscontini / USA

Best pipes on the market!!!!

I just wanted to thank Altinay pipes for the awesome couple of experiences that I’ve had through you guys in the past two weeks! This is absolutely the best place to buy meerschaum tobacco pipes! I just wanted to also thank you guys for the gift you gave me! I plan on spending a lot more money with this company as much as I can afford with this hobby! Thank you again this company is the best and your carvers are AWESOME!


Joey Watkins / USA

I traveled to Eskisehir to meet this master carver. What a great experience! He showed me many, many beautiful pipes. I purchased several and asked him to engrave them with his signature, which he did. I was amazed at the detail of his work. If you think his pipes look good in photos, you should them in person!

Thank you Mr. Altinay for I visit I will always remember.
I am happy to recommend your pipes to folks looking for the best workmanship.

James Tomicich / USA

i bought online one of their meerschaum pipe. a reverse calabash very big and extremely bent fantastic smoke and incredibly efficient pipe. Talking about the aestetic i found it very

Francesco Lafrate / ITALY

Beautiful pipes! Said is a very professional and very kind person. I highly reccomend buying from the Altinay Store

Dario Pietro Barbarelli / ITALY

Good afternoon! We have received the pipes! We are happy with the fast delivery and good quality. Thank you very much for all support!

Anna Victoria Gorman / RUSSIA

Altinay's Meerschaumpipes are high quality products. Actually i bought three of them. Meerschaum is first class, and the pipes are finest handcraft. The drillings are flawless and stems are well made. He does not use these pedestrian standard prestamped stems you can see very often on meerschaum, but really good ones, and offers the interesting 9mm filter option which is rare to find for these pipes.
All the pipes i bought are featherlight, and smoke like a dream, sweet, mellow and cool. I'm very happy with them.

Ulrich Monauni / ITALY

This was my first direct order by Altinay and I can only say that I am very pleased with the service in every respect.
The pipe is described and pictured very accurately. It is of very high quality of manufacture as well as very attractive in its appearance.
I expect that it will smoke just as well!
Next day despatch and delivery within a few days of the order were further pleasant surprises.
Highly recommended overall.
Best wishes,

Konstantinos Voutsadopoulos / GERMANY

Dear Said!
Dear Altinay-Team!
My custom built Bulldog-Meerschaum-pipe is not only a beautiful piece of handcraft but a truly good smoker!
It’s already my 4th Meerschaum-pipe and all are Altinays!
Definetly not my last one…
Last but not least I have to mention, the delivery from Turkey to Austria took no longer than two to three days!
Thank you very much!

Martin Ullrich / AUSTRIA

Goede levering, zeer tevreden mooie prijs kwaliteit

Bonnie Arthur Vermaesen / NETHERLANDS

Amazing craftsmanship and smoking great!

Dmitriy Semenishchev / UKRAINE

Nabízí velmi krasné dýmky.

Václav Novotný / CZECH REPUBLIC

Sevgili Said Altınay'a bu güzel pipo için çok teşekkürler...Bu kadar ince narin ve 9 mm bir klasik olması harikulade... Çalışmalarında başarılar dilerim...Ben şu an doldurdum ve keyfe başladım bile...

Kenan Ahmet / TÜRKİYE

1st class customer service as well as 1st class craftsmanship! Can't recommend highly enough!

Andrew Haynes / SCOTLAND

Hi Said,

I received the pipe yesterday and it is fantastic.  I love it.
Thank you so very much,
Dan Levitt / USA

Great pipes, excellent service.. I've bought my first meerschaum pipe from Altınay and really enjoyed it. Highly recommended !!

Derya Aras Aksoy / TÜRKİYE

Thank you once again, 3rd time, Said for the great service, it is highly appreciated for the excellent quality products.


Cornelis van Schalkwyk / SOUTH AFRICA

Sorry, i see it has been for the 4th time i have received great professional service.

Cornelis van Schalkwyk / SOUTH AFRICA

Hey Said My second pipe arrived today a real masterpiece. Have already smoked her and she smokes great. It is certainly not my last pipe that I buy from you.



Paul Schreurs / BELGIUM

These are true masterpieces of Turkish craftsmanship!
Hopefully they will survive our time and current mentality of getting everything for (nearly) nothing.
After having bought a wooden pipe here in Cologne I had read so much of “Meerschaum” pipes and their often described high quality that I was curious if that were actually true.
And after smoking it the only thing I can say it does not even compare to other materials.
Full and absolutely unchanged taste of your tobacco is the wonderful result.
Customer service is also excellent; my many questions were answered fast and detailed in a very personal way per email and also Whatsapp!:-)
Definitely not my last purchase.
Highly recommended original manufacturer in Turkey who deserves your trust.
Lightning speed delivery!
Thank you!

Wolfgang Gillo / GERMANY

Ülkemizde çıkarılan lüle taşı madeninin kalitesinden hep bahsedilir , ancak bir çok Türk pipo tiryakisinin ortak şikayeti memleketimizde üretilen lüle taşı pipoların işçiliklerindeki özellikle ağazlık kısımlarlarıdaki sıkıntılardır. Geçtiğimiz günlerde Altınay pipo dan üç adet spigot pipo satın aldım gerçektende işçilikleri görünümleri ve sağlamlıklarının harika olduğunu düşünüyorm.Gören arkadaşlarım da kesinlikle hayran kalıyorlar , Firma kolleksiyona yönelik modellerin yanında gündelik hayatta da rahatlıkla kullanılabilecek daha sade modeller konusunda bir çok seçenek sunuyor bu gerçektende çok iyi.Özellikle bent spigot modellerine hayranım.

Ali Akalın / TÜRKİYE

I am a beginner pipe smoker, and I knew nothing about pipe smoking, pipes, and meerschaum pipes.
I got every information and help in this place.

Present days absolutely unbelievable that somewhere somebody makes great things by hand:) The world is running. But when I see these pipes, the hand made beauties, I am not interested in Running World. Just my pipe, and smoke…
My Altinay Meerschaum pipe:)

Gabor Berkes / HUNGARY

I cannot believe my pipe arrived from Turkey to Finland in 28 hours from shipping! This little pipe with a small bowl is just what I was looking for. I must have looked through 200+ meerschaum pipes before finding one that was small enough. And the prize was amazing because of the small size! The pipe smokes great and I am sure I will keep on using this every day. No more resting briar pipes!

Matias Ikkala / FINLAND

Great consultancy at the stage of selecting your piece. They know the visuals can be misleading, so, in order to avoid unintended orders or dissatisfaction, they frankly provide you information about your choice, in case of e-mail communication in advance. Very responsive for questions .Before and after ordering, they inform you about every single step. I live out of Turkey and have my pipe delivered to my brother in Istanbul and the delivery took place in less than 18 hours! Once I try the pipe, I will write more detailed comments.

Alper Özmert / TÜRKİYE

Another fine Meerschaum from Altinay, I cannot recommend them enough. Great pipes that colour very well and consistent, very fast postage - three days from Turkey from ordering to arrival . And Said answers your emails with additional pictures or measurements within minutes. Great company to deal with.

Chris Gilmore / UK

Excellent photography
Excellent product
just what you pictured.
Excellent smoking
Excellent service
Excellent and timely communication.
I will recommend you highly.

Richard Brevetta / USA

The Meerschaumpipe is wonderful, a high quality product that smokes great. Fastetst delivery ever seen, only 2 working days from Turkey to Italy. Compliments!

Ulrich Monauni / ITALY

I would like to say thank you Said Altinay for your exceptional service and patience. The delivery was also impressive with a very quick and reliable door to door delivery arranged by Said all the way to South Africa.
Thank you once again. Regards

Cornelis van Schalkwyk / SOUTH AFRICA

I wish I had this pipe 15 years ago when I started smoking pipes.. It is so comfortable, light weight, well balanced..exceptional work.. and there is absolutely no additonal taste.. worths every penny..
Special thanks for the quick delivery and for the informations.

Norbert Orsos / HUNGARY

Hello Said,

The pipe is absolutely beautiful. It is perfect down to every last detail. I am so excited to give my friend this incredible gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!! Thank you for your kindness and customer service. You excelled in every way. You truly exceeded all expectations.


Derek Dellinger / USA

Dear Said Altinay,

thank you very much for your super quick answer in the middle of the night, it was a big surprise to receive your answer so soon!!! My biggest respect for you for your positive attitude to the business. I have already received the e-mail, that my order is already packed. BIG RESPECT, THANK YOU!!!

Have a nice evening!

Sincerely yours

Istvan Lukovics / HUNGARY

Dear Said,
this wonderful pipe already arrived today.
Thank you very much for kind support and very quick service. I’m sure my father will enjoy his birthday present.
If anything unexpected happens to the payment, please send a message.
Best regards,

Peter Konrad / GERMANY

Ordered an Apple-styled Meerschaum pipe and got it within 3 days (Switzerland). This pipe is amazing. It looks great and the craftsmanship is perfect! This pipe smokes very equably from the beginning to the end. It also comes with an nice fitting transport case. Very recommended. Thank you for this great pipe. Roman, Switzerland


I have received pipes today and they are great. I have bought around 80 meerschaum pipes over the years (I even came to visit Eskisekir once) and I must say that you make the best classic shapes. This billiard is perfect I don't think I ever saw billiard made from meer this good.
I also like how thin the bit of the mouthpiece is.

Thanks again for a great customer service, I'll be buying from you again for sure!!!

Grega Sajn / SLOVENIA

I received order # 22189 in November 2018 and I am very happy with this pipe!
It’s my second Altinay pipe and they are both beautiful and give a terrific smoke.
I will be sure to buy another very soon.
Thank you for a fine product.

Norman Cooper / USA

Quality product, respnsive and helpful staff, quick delivery. Definitely will revisit if I needed a meer pipe again and happy to refer it to friends.

Billy Tung / HONG KONG

Ich rauche seit 30 Jahr Meerschaumpfeifen; Altinay Pfeifen zählen für mich zu den besten.
Preis, Rauchen und Verarbeitung. SUPER.

Hans Jürgen Vog / GERMANY

I purchased one exquisite meerschaum Pipe some time ago and I am very pleased with it. TOP Pipe. Very fast handeling and shipping. Te Postalservice is lightningFAST by DHL.I received the Pipe four days after order it. That is FAST! State of the art and I will bee back again to by anoter one. ThankYouVeryMuch***** Best Regards

Leif Erik Andersen / NORWAY

Got myself a great looking Altinay’s bent bulldog meerschaum pipe. After a couple of months with the pipe, my comment is that this is a great piece, well built and high quality pipe. Smoke fantastic!!! My go to pipe for trying out new blends. Business transaction wise was easy and fast shipping by folks at Altinay’s pipe. Would definitely come back for more whenever budget allows.

Wilson Tan / MALAYSIA

Very fast postage (3 days !), pleasant to deal with. Delivered a great pipe, as described- superb craftsmanship, great looking meesrschaum with an excellent finish. Highly recommended and look forward to buying from again.
Thanks for a great and trustworthy buying experience.

Chris Gilmore / UK

I just ordered my very first Meerschaum-pipe from Altinay and i am more than pleased!
Quick and secure delivery and very polite communication!
The quality and smoking experience is excellent…i highly recommend every passionate pipe-smoker to try out a Meerschaum pipe.
My Thank you to Mr. Altinay and his team.

best regards

De Han Kim / GERMANY

Hi Said,

I ordered again some of your pipes for three other friends who really liked the pipes when they saw it.

Unfortunately, the new package is stuck at the customs in Leipzig again. So, I need the order confirmation with the values you put on the paperwork by email – like last time, that worked pretty well.

Thank you very much in advance and kind regards

Thomas Khamann / GERMANY

Dear Said,

As you surely already noticed, the pipes already arrived.

They are really great and look very nice – especially the two skulls.

Thank you very much for the excellent customer service and the tampers!

All the best

Thomas Khamann / GERMANY

Very good seller, very fast shipping (within 1 day to Italy), very good choice of pipes and very beautiful models, and the prices are very cheap!

Luca Giannatiempo / ITALY

Beautiful, high quality pipe, great taste, plus express shipping! What to say? -I'm 100% satisfied!

Krzysztof Przybyszewski / POLAND

Perfect service! The pipe is a small jewel of art !!! I strongly recommend!!!

Todor Stoyanov / BULGARIA

thanks said, the custom taxed me for 30%. thanks to you, that's only 9 dollars for three pipes instead of 90. Im very satisfied with the pipes, hope to purchase from you again soon.

Ren Zhenghe / CHINA

I am very happy! The pipe is just fantastic and delivering has been just perfect. I will buy more in the future.
Thanks again from Florence, Italy

Giacomo Roati / ITALY
Trying out my new Said Altınay Carbon Fiber Poker  pipe I purchased a few weeks ago. The draw on this thing is perfect. Some of the more expensive pipe makers could learn something from this man. It’s loaded with Lane dark cherry I got from Travis Kropf and the happy piper. And I must say it’s pretty good, very similar to blood red moon but no sour taste at the end. All and all it’s a great combination.
Kevin Davies / UK

Just a note to say the pipe has arrived safely. It is lovely, and beautifully made.

I have purchased from you before and the speed of your service is always astonishing.

Thank you for offering these beautiful, masterfully crafted pipes.

Best regards,


Brian Appelt / USA

I just tried my first very new Meerschaum Pipe - and Said,... this pipe is amazing!
Thank you for this great pipe and your very good craftsmanship! It looks and smokes amazing!!!


It is my second meerschaum pipe. What can I say?
It smokes like heaven and it is truly a wonderful and well handcrafted masterpiece.
Thanks to Altinay!!!

Ralf Steinbart / GERMANY

Ich habe bisher 3 Pfeifen bestellt. Alles Top Qualität und am nächsten Tag kostenfrei geliefert. Das ist schneller als eine Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands. Vielen Dank. Ich kann Altinay uneingeschränkt empfehlen. ***** 5 Sterne.

Christof Ender / GERMANY

Excellent quick service. Just had my first smoke, the pipe is working fine.
For sure, I'll order again.
Thank you for the beautiful pipe.

Sebastian Humpert / SWITZERLAND

Very good seller, shipping is ultra fast! i have already bought 3 pipes and 2 tampers from altinay and for sure i will buy again!pipes are very good and even some friends want to buy something. Always very available with customer and fast reply!Suggested!

Luca Giannatiempo / ITALY

Great, great, great!!! I ordered a pipe 26th of decembre 2016, and it arrived two days later! Excellent Quality, super fast delivering. Thank you very much, good job

Alexander Bierstedt / GERMANY

Amazing customer service, extremely fast shipping and in my opinion best classical shaped meerschaum pipes on the market.

Grega Sajn / SLOVENIA

I got my first Altinay pipe today, 3 days after making the purchase, beautiful pipe, perfectly finished, it smokes extraordinarily well from the beginning. Great piece of craftsmanship. Thanks!

Miguel Loran / SPAIN

The quality of the pipes and the perfection of the workmanship together make perfect works. The variety of the pipes coming out and the interest shown to the customers are very nice. thank you altınay meerschaum pipes

Emran Yaman / TÜRKİYE

Love for the art and talent shows through in craftsmanship, there are no other words required!

Scott A. Gaston / USA

Beautiful pipes and fantastic service.

Ron Genereux / CANADA

Fantastiske piber ,godt håndværk og god ekspedition

Jens Pedersen / DENMARK

A very happy day for me when I discovered this site. Just exactly the product I was looking for...a cigarette pipe! Outstanding customer service too! Thank you Said! So good was my experience that I ordered another I may order more as gifts.

Michael Blair / USA

Very fast delivery, tracked all the way. Helpful and pleasant to talk to, the pipe was exactly as described- great craftsmanship, meerschaum was high quality and very good value for money. Very highly recommended for a great pipe, will definitely buy from again !

Chris Gilmore / UK

high quality pipe, easy to communicate, and worldwide free shipping. that's what I call premium service.

Marcos Ren / SPAIN

I have just received my third and fourth Altinay pipes, they are beautiful, I can only recommend Altinay for top quality meerschaum. The pipes only improve with time. Thanks mr Altinay and family.

Miguel Loran / SPAIN

I recived a extraordinary pipe and it smoke perfectly. Customer service and shipping are at the level of a fantastic hand made meerschaum.

Thanks Altinay

Daniele Campari / ITALY

Great pipes, excellent service.. I've bought my first meerschaum pipe from Altınay and really enjoyed it. Highly recommended !!

Deniz Aksoy / TÜRKİYE

Altinay Meerschaum Pipes are of the highest quality. Fast shipping a very good to do business with! RECOMMENDED!

Dean Eric Rice / USA

Received the pipe today in great shape.  Very nicely made and smokes well.  Thank you!!

Dan Cimbora / USA

Dear Said,

the pipes just arrived. Thanks a lot for your help with customs!

I must say I am really impressed by the art of S. Yanik. Greetings to him! I truly enjoy his fine handmade artwork! So beautiful...

All the best from Mannheim...

Olaf Kittel / GERMANY
Hi Said,
Just got the pipe, it is lovely,
i could not be more pleased.
Thank you very much!
Victor Carayorgopol / USA

Great service. Great pipe...

Ozan Taylan / TURKEY

I just bought my first meerschaum pipe from Altinay.

Great design and craftmanship, fair priced and quick delivery.

What can I say more?

Michiel Roberti / NETHERLANDS

Thank you so much for the quick service. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Thank you

Tony Gutierrez / CANADA

Exellent pipe and service ,100% satisfied ,exellent experience.

John Douglas / USA

I received my pipe, it is exactly as described and a true work of art.


Jack Hardy / USA

A real work of art I can not wait to smoke them.
What a service has arrived here in 48 hours.
Thank you

Paul Schreurs / BELGIUM

Extremely impressed so far with this Meer. Definitely go check out Altinay Pipes if you are looking at new Meers!

Andrew Cirigliano / USA

The high quality of the sciuma di mare is combined with an artistic taste that gives emotions!

Vincenzo Saporito / ITALY

Jakość,solidność wykonania i szybka przesyłka

Gerard Szafarczyk / POLAND

I have been smoking my first Altinay for about three weeks and I am very happy. The pipe is very beautiful, smokes fantastically and is starting to develop a very beautiful patina. Shipping and attention have been very good (order placed on Friday and pipe at home on Monday, from Turkey to Spain).

Ricardo Espantaleon / SPAIN

I received the pipes yesterday. They are beautiful, and I look forward to smoking them for some time. Also, thank you for changing one of the pipes to a 9mm system and for the "little gift" of a cigarette holder.
Peace and goodness always,
Ken Smyrk

Ken Smyrk / USA

I got my first pipe today, and this is a great piece of art.
I will drink tobacco smoke from it with pleasure!
Very grateful to Said for help in the shipment arrangements.
Thank you very much!

Vladislav Lanin / RUSSIA

Very nicely made. Pipe made it to the east coast in three days. I am happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Paul Campanella / USA

La pipa è già arrivata.
Grazie, bellissima.
Complimenti per la professionalità ed efficienza.
Quando avrò desiderio di una nuova meerschaum, non esiterò a contattarla di nuovo.

Fabio Guidotti / ITALY

Thank you. Another fine pipe in my rack .Smokes great,looks and feels great. I can see the meerschaum is grade A  quality,and the stems,well I'm partial to orange/yellow because thats what l grew up with.

Thank you for making these wonderful products available.

John Douglas / USA

Dear Mr. Altinay,

Have A Good Day,

Kindly note that i confirm receiving the order item, and i want to take the chance to thank you for the great quality and the luxury you gave us through smoking your pipes, it was very professional dealing with your esteemed company,

Best Regards

Zahi El Khatib / LEBANON

I ordered last friday, I got it today afternoon...
Excellent service, great pipe. Thank You all!
I wish You had more and more customer!
I think I will

Csaba Németh / HUNGARY

I have bought quite a few Altinay meerschaum pipes. I just got a new one, I have to say that these are some of the best pipes in the market.  Not only the service (24hr delivery free of charge) is superb, but the quality of the pipes is absolutely top. They grow as you use them. Thanks!

Miguel Loran / SPAIN

My order was shipped extremely fast and I'm real happy with my purchase. Will definitely buy from Altinay again.

Eric Haar / USA

So far I've purchased 7 pipes from Altinay Meerschaum Pipes - all proved to be of excellent material and craftsmanship. This is a great online store, and I'm looking forward to my next purchase.

Rami Eden / ISRAEL

Great meerschaum pipes

Paul Schreurs / BELGIUM

Just received my pipe extremly fast service. Beautiful pipe can't wait to try it

Ron Genereux / CANADA

Super pipes!!!

Victor Aleksandrovich / RUSSIA
Sergio Castelo / USA
Eros Martinazzi / Netherlands
Jimmy M Puckett / USA
Adam Molnar / HUNGARY
Ümit Ünlü / TURKEY
Görkem Baysal / TURKEY
Gary Strac / USA
Tuğçe Ardıç / TURKEY
Benny Tsoi
Perot Rocaguinarda / USA
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